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Dental Implants
Perfecting the Art of
Tooth-Replacement Dentistry


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Stop Suffering Unnecessarily 

Don’t Let Missing Teeth
Steal Your Confidence and Smile

As a top-rated dental implant dentist in Goodyear, we are skilled and experienced in the modern dental implant procedures you need.

Dental implants are proven, “permanent” tooth replacements that are very strong, very natural, and very durable. They are not “removable,” like partials and dentures, they don’t attach to (and damage) neighboring teeth, and they’ll never get cavities again!

If you’ve lost one or more teeth (for any reason), dental implants are the closest thing we have to “natural” teeth replacements today. And, the process is more comfortable, simplified, and predictable than ever before!

Dental implants are also fantastic for stabilizing—or even replacing—loose, uncomfortable partials and dentures.

At Millennium Dental Arts, we have a seamless process to integrate dental implants into your plan, when needed. You’ll probably be surprised at how easy and comfortable the process actually is.

We’ve helped countless patients in Goodyear and the Valley replace teeth they have lost due to decay, trauma, or periodontal issues.

Dental implants are the most sophisticated, modern, high-tech tooth-replacement solution available today, and a proven way to regain your youthful confidence, normal chewing function, and comfort.

If You’ve had ANY of the Following, Dental Implants May be the PERFECT Solution for YOU:

  • Missing or “hopeless” teeth from gum disease

  • A history of failed fillings or crowns

  • Tooth loss from chronic infections

  • Missing teeth from advanced tooth decay

  • Tooth loss from trauma

  • Embarrassing loose dentures

  • A history of failed root canals

  • Loose partial dentures with ugly metal hooks or wires

  • Embarrassing gaps in your smile

  • Failing teeth that have been “repaired” several times

  • Difficulty Chewing due to missing back teeth

  • Chronic dental problems

  • Teeth that have cracked or split

  • Permanent teeth that never developed or erupted

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Proven, Effective & Comfortable

Dental Implant Solutions for You

Imagine Eating Whatever You Want and Never Feeling Embarrassed About Your Smile Again!

We know… it’s tough to feel good and fully enjoy life when missing teeth limit your food choices and take away your youthful smile and confidence.

We have helped countless patients regain their dental health and chewing ability with super-strong dental implants.

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Dental Implants For Everyone
For a Lifetime of Beautiful Smiles
and a Strong Bite in Just 3 Proven Steps



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Together, we’ll develop your custom, ideal treatment plan – a comprehensive care plan with clear pricing options



You’ve now got the smile and strong bite that
supports a lifetime of health and happiness

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We’ve Got Your Stunning Smile and Strong Bite Covered

Meet Dr. Wolter – Top Dental Implant Specialist

Dr. Daniel Wolter grew up as an “army brat” and has spent most of his life in Germany. During his time there, he became a graduate from both Ludwig Maximillians University Dental School and Johannes Gutenberg University Dental School. In 1998, Dr. Wolter graduated from the AEGD program at Northwestern University Dental School (World Rank: 24th) with honors and continued to become a full-time Assistant Clinical Professor, lecturer, researcher and clinical instructor there. From 1998 to 2005, Dr. Wolter was a General Dentist at Elmhurst Dental Care. In 2007, he became the Owner and General Dentist at Millennium Dental Arts and has proudly served the Goodyear community for over 13 years.

With over 15+ awards and affiliations, Dr. Wolter’s beneficial impact in the dental community is undeniable. Whether you’re looking for implants or Invisalign, he is your go-to Goodyear dentist. Call our office today to schedule your dental consultation.

  • American Dental Association 2007.
  • Arizona State Dental Association 2007.
  • Preferred Premier Provider for Delta Dental 2007-curent.
  • Spear Faculty Club 2011.
  • Academy of General Dentistry 2014.
  • Spear Study Club 2018 .
  • “International Who’s Who in Dentistry” (publication no longer active?).
  • “America’s Best Dentists” 2009-2020 (never paid the money to use logos, etc.).
  • “Founding Member” of HealthTap 2012 .
  • Co-authored the book Inside Job: Separating Fact From Fiction About Your Healthin 2011, #1 Amazon Best-Seller in 3 different categories.
  • Published The Smart Baby Boomers Guide to Modern Dentistryin 2012.
  • Induction into “America’s Premier Experts” in 2012.
  • Induction into “The National Academy of Bestselling Authors” in 2012.
  • HealthTap award “Top Dentist in Arizona (First Place)” 2013.
  • HealthTap award “Top Cosmetic Dentist in Arizona (First Place” 2014.
  • American Academy of Clear Aligners 2015.
  • gIDE Global Institute for Dental Education, “Master of Implant Prosthodontics” certificate 2020
retired dental implant patients

Dental Implant Solutions
For a Lifetime of Eating Anything You Want with a Smile Everyone Loves

ONE Dental Implant Team

From your initial visit to the completion of your treatment, you’ll have an experienced team at your side. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

ONE Promise

We’ll collaborate with you to develop your ideal plan: one that fits your specific desires, budget, and lifestyle, with no surprises or hidden fees. 

ONE Goal

A strong bite, freedom from worry, comfort, and a great smile…that’s what it’s all about. 

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Dental Implant Solutions
for Discerning Adults

  • Most cases can be started within just a few days and be completely finished within four months.
  • Your case will be planned with the most up-to-date 3-D bone scanning technology available.
  • Only FDA-Approved “luxury” implants are used in our practice.
  • Only LOCAL 100% “made in the USA” lab work for all cases.
  • Only “Original Manufacturer” implant components for all cases.
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