Exceptional Adult “Invisalign”
Treatment in Goodyear, AZ

Straight Teeth Without Painful, Unsightly
Metal Wires and Brackets…It’s About Time!

Exceptional Adult “Invisalign”
Treatment in Goodyear, AZ

Straight Teeth, a Strong Bite, and a Great Smile:
Comfortable, Predictable, and Probably Much Faster Than You Think

Straight Teeth

Soaring Confidence

Look & Feel Your Best

Comfortable, Smooth, Metal-Free Braces: Customized for Your Unique Smile

If you’ve always wanted straight teeth but don’t want painful, ugly, metal braces, we completely understand. We wouldn’t want to wear those either.

“Invisalign” (and other Clear Aligner Options) gently move your teeth using a series of clear, comfortable, “aligners.” They’re virtually “invisible” at a normal speaking distance, and you can take them out when you want to eat or brush & floss. So, no food restrictions, no food getting “stuck” in your braces, and no problems keeping your mouth fresh and clean.

Just wear the aligners about 22 hours a day, take them out to eat, brush, and floss, and that’s it! Each week you get a new set, which are just a bit tighter than the last set. That’s how they comfortably move your teeth into their proper positions. Simple.

In many cases, “Invisalign” can actually be faster than traditional braces, which is a great additional benefit. And, “Invisalign” is always more comfortable than metal braces.

We’ve been licensed with the “Invisalign” system since 2005, so we’ll be able to thoroughly discuss your goals and dreams, develop your ideal plan together, and get you that straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted…probably much faster and easier than you think.

Three Easy Steps to
a Dazzling Smile

Step 1


Give us a call to schedule your no-hassle, one-on-one consultation.

Step 2


Relax… and let the aligners do all the work, without discomfort, eating restrictions, or unsightly metal braces.

Step 3

Smile More

Thrive with your straight, white teeth and confident smile.

We’ve Got Your Amazing Smile Covered.

Meet Dr. Wolter – Top Invisalign Specialist

Dr. Daniel Wolter grew up as an “army brat” and has spent most of his life in Germany. During his time there, he became a graduate from both Ludwig Maximillians University Dental School and Johannes Gutenberg University Dental School. In 1998, Dr. Wolter graduated from the AEGD program at Northwestern University Dental School (World Rank: 24th) with honors and continued to become a full-time Assistant Clinical Professor, lecturer, researcher and clinical instructor there. From 1998 to 2005, Dr. Wolter was a General Dentist at Elmhurst Dental Care. In 2007, he became the Owner and General Dentist at Millennium Dental Arts and has proudly served the Goodyear community for over 13 years.

With over 15+ awards and affiliations, Dr. Wolter’s beneficial impact in the dental community is undeniable. Whether you’re looking for implants or Invisalign, he is your go-to Goodyear dentist. Call our office today to schedule your dental consultation.

  • American Dental Association 2007.
  • Arizona State Dental Association 2007.
  • Preferred Premier Provider for Delta Dental 2007-curent.
  • Spear Faculty Club 2011.
  • Academy of General Dentistry 2014.
  • Spear Study Club 2018 .
  • “International Who’s Who in Dentistry” (publication no longer active?).
  • “America’s Best Dentists” 2009-2020 (never paid the money to use logos, etc.).
  • “Founding Member” of HealthTap 2012 .
  • Co-authored the book Inside Job: Separating Fact From Fiction About Your Healthin 2011, #1 Amazon Best-Seller in 3 different categories.
  • Published The Smart Baby Boomers Guide to Modern Dentistryin 2012.
  • Induction into “America’s Premier Experts” in 2012.
  • Induction into “The National Academy of Bestselling Authors” in 2012.
  • HealthTap award “Top Dentist in Arizona (First Place)” 2013.
  • HealthTap award “Top Cosmetic Dentist in Arizona (First Place” 2014.
  • American Academy of Clear Aligners 2015.
  • gIDE Global Institute for Dental Education, “Master of Implant Prosthodontics” certificate 2020

Leading Edge Digital Technology

Finally Get the Straight Teeth and Confident Smile You’ve Always Wanted Without Painful, Metal Braces


Comfortable, smooth, lightweight “aligners” often move teeth even faster than metal braces.


Straight teeth, a strong bite, and a great smile: You deserve it, and it’s easier than you think!

Proven Results

With millions of successful cases around the world—and over 15  years of training and personal experience—“Invisalign” is a proven, effective, affordable alternative to traditional metal braces.

Goodyear Invisalign Services

Adult Invisalign

Adult Invisalign Goodyear, AZ Millennium Dental Arts Dr. Daniel Wolter Millennium Dental Arts is Proud to Offer Invisalign — the Modern, High-Tech Way to Straighten Adult Teeth Without Ugly and Uncomfortable [...]


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