A common request we receive is how to make a smile whiter and brighter. We hear that all the time, especially since we see only Baby Boomers and Seniors. These are the demographic groups that have the most dental discoloration and can benefit the most from modern teeth bleaching.

Fortunately, contemporary teeth bleaching can normally be done quickly, easily, and comfortably. And, it lasts much longer (and is easier to maintain) than ever before.

As we go through time, our teeth change in typical ways: they become darker (from the inside), they become more opaque, they exhibit signs of wear-and-tear like chips, cracks, and dark areas, and they also become smoother. This makes us look older and less dynamic.

In addition to that, many foods and beverages–such as berries, tomatoes, wine, coffee, and many others–stain our teeth on the outside and contribute even more discoloration. Especially small cracks and fractures in our teeth get darker and darker over time.

Luckily, the teeth bleaching process provides a predictable and comfortable way to lighten your teeth “from the inside out,” making you look and feel younger, healthier, and more energetic. Additionally, teeth bleaching actually helps prevent plaque and tartar, so you’ll actually be healthier, too.

There are several ways to whiten your teeth. Each option has specific indications, as well as pros and cons (like any procedure). To know what’s appropriate and best for you, come see us for a consultation. We’ll discuss all your options and help you pick the perfect solution for your specific needs and long-term goals.

For more information on teeth whitening or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today!